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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions that our experts discuss on a regular basis. To receive a detailed explanation, please contact us immediately.


* What kind of lease offer is available from Wishgard?

* If I sign a contract with Wishgard when can I expect to be paid?

* Can they still drill for gas under my land if I do not lease my oil and gas rights?
* How many acres does a drill site need?

* What is the difference between a vertical and horizontal well?
* The deed to my family's land has multiple owners, can I sell my portion of oil and gas rights?
* Why are some counties getting more attention than others?
* If I have old wells on my property or currently receive free gas, will that affect my ability to lease my deep rights in the Utica or Marcellus Shale?
* If I am not sure about the ownership of my mineral, gas and oil rights, what are my options?
Note-   In order to sign a lease, you must have Identification, Parcel Numbers, a Copy of the Deed, and Signatures of Everyone included on the Deed.

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