Wishgard LLC

Land Services

Wishgard LLC offers a wide range of opportunities to exploration and production companies, drilling and leasing companies, and landowners. Our knowledgeable and expertly trained staff can perform the tasks including but not limited to the list below.


    * Leasing Opportunities.  


    * Mineral Acquisition


    * Title Work


Moving forward, using our industry connections and impressive Utica acreage position,Wishgard has plans to partner with and/or expand in to an a  E&P Company

Wishgard is seeking;

    * Drilling Partners


    * Joint Venture Opportunities

    * Business Investors
    * Opportunities Pertaining to
       Working Interest

Of special note, Wishgard has performed various lease takeoffs and established footholds in numerous counties throughout the Appalachian Basin. To date we have leased over 200,000 gross acre, with about 100,000 still available for production or reassignment.  If interested, please contact us for information about our holdings..